Are business majors getting the right education? [video]

Apr 05

Are business majors getting the right education? [video]

Business is one of the top undergrad majors in the U.S. (I have a undergraduate degree in business), one out of every five undergraduate students are business majors. Today people are suggesting that we need to rethink the value of a education that current schools are providing business student. Many employers want better communicators, more problem solvers, critical thinkers and not students are great at crunching numbers because they can teach them how to do that. Employers want students that can see the big picture, participate in a good debates/discussions and really help the company grow overall. I agree that many current business schools focus too much on building robots that are great at one particular task, but not able to see the big picture. Allowing students to be creative and teaching them how to be think critically, solve challenging problems, in my book is really where it counts. If you don’t know how to solve a problem in business, you just created a another problem.

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