How to export your LinkedIn Connections into an Excel File

Apr 06

How to export your LinkedIn Connections into an Excel File

Have you ever wonder how to engage your LinkedIn connections outside of LinkedIn?

Email them with your email marketing campaigns or include them in your CRM system to keep the relationship going.  The ability to interact and share your message with your network on various channels is extremely valuable.

Well wonder no more.  You can export your connections to an excel file and upload them where you need them.  Or if you want to use it for anything, then just use it as an backup of your contacts.

What you will receive in the excel file is the first name, last name, email, title and company.

Here’s how to export your connections list:

1) Go to the Network drop-down menu and select Contacts.

contacts us





2) Click the gear icon near the top right to go the settings menu icon.
3) Under Advanced Settings on the top right, click Export LinkedIn Connections.

Contacts - LinkedIn




4) Under the heading “Export to:” select the format that you would like to export the file in. In most cases you will probably be using the “Microsoft Outlook (.CSV file).” file type.

My Contacts- Export LinkedIn Connections - LinkedIn





5) Click Export.
6) Complete the security check if prompted.
7) Save the file somewhere it can be easily found, like your laptop.

8) You’re all done!

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