I’m passionate about business and entrepreneurship; I eat, sleep and drink it!  I read the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine and Fast Company.

I currently serve as the Operations Manager/Analyst for Innovation Ventures, L.P., a SBIC venture capital fund focused on growth and early-stage investments in the areas of information technology; software; business information services related to the legal, and financial services. IV invests in enterprises located primarily on the East Coast, with a particular emphasis on the Mid-Atlantic region including Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York and New Jersey.

Member of the Minority Angel Investor Network which is a network of accredited investors with an interest and commitment to invest in high growth, minority owned or minority led companies.

I am the Founder and CEO of Endevr, LLC. a Delaware based startup that is focusing on transforming the way we learn using gaming technology. Endevr is a cross between a video game, an incubator and a MBA Business School.

I am seasoned businessman who draws on the lessons and experience he gained over the course of a successful career in management, venture capital, and as an entrepreneur. He assisted in running a $98M dollar store operation with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., managing over 20 employees. In 2010 he Co-Founded, The coIN Loft, Delaware’s first coworking space. The coIN Loft is a shared office space located in downtown Wilmington, DE with a growing community of start-up and seasoned entrepreneurs from various backgrounds, building businesses together. The company’s goal is to build a stronger, more inclusive business community for Delaware small businesses. The coIN Loft has been featured in publications such as The News Journal, Delaware Today, Spark Magazine and much more.

I  graduated from University of Delaware with a B.S. in business administration with a focus in marketing & management. While a senior on campus he also founded UofD’s Entrepreneurship Club enabling students from all majors to learn about entrepreneurship.

I’m a huge follower of Christ and I attend church constantly (trying to get brownie points with Jesus).  May 21st I became someone’s husband.  My wife’s blog is Kiara T. Moore.

This blog’s purpose is similar to everyone else’s; to share my perspective on faith, leadership, business, ideas, entrepreneurship, venture capital etc.