Cap Table [Template]

Feb 08

Here is a link to a Cap Table Template that Fred Wilson created himself. Cap Table Template The 4 basic outlines of this cap table that he mentioned are: 1) it shows all the major stockholders of the company listed down the left side. it also shows the major option holders and buckets of option holders 2) it shows all of the classes of stock and how much was paid...

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May 04

An entertaining way to learn about option...

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First Time vs. Serial Entrepreneurs

May 02

This is a repost from Fred Wilson, I just enjoyed the article so much I wanted to share it with my audience. ┬áThe link to the original post is First Time vs. Serial Entrepreneurs. I’ve been thinking a lot about the differences between first time and serial entrepreneurs. We invest in both and do not have a preference betweeen the two. But there are significant...

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Valuation Basic

Mar 17

Here is a document that I am currently studying. It provides various methods on how to value a startup. This is a good resource for entrepreneurs and aspiring new investors like myself to read. Valuation Basics View more documents from Anjana Vivek...

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