Technologists Need to Team With an Entrepreneur

May 31

By Marty Zwilling In my experience, inventors and technologists aren’t interested or aren’t very good at building a business, and entrepreneurs aren’t usually good scientists. These people need to find each other, and can jointly make a great team for a new startup. Without the synergy, companies like Apple might never have gotten off the ground. Historically,...

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It Takes 3 to 5 Years to Prepare to Sell a Small Business

Apr 24

By Annie Pilon, Small Business Trends Are you considering selling your small business?  Perhaps you think it’s a good time to sell, considering that more businesses have been bought and sold this year than at this time last year, according to a BizBuySell survey. However, valuations of those businesses could be lower in 2013, thanks to some tax changes. So if you...

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The Most Tried and Failed Small Businesses [Infographic]

Mar 27

If you are running a small business and have been around for any length of time, give yourself a pat on the back. I’ve been running my small business for 16 years now and believe me, I’m thankful each and every day. I especially feel that way after coming across this small business infographic on some of the most tried and failed small businesses. Did you know...

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Artisanal Publishing: The Top 10 Reasons to Self-Publish (Infograph)

Feb 22

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Feb 01

By Yong Fook, Enterprise About 8 years ago I found myself working at a large global banking corporation doing back office type stuff. I rarely mention it to this day due to the spectacularly negatable impact it has had on the rest of my career. Except maybe for one lesson. For myself and about 50 other people at the office, day to day we had to interact with the CMS...

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Evolution of a Startup [presentation]

Sep 27

Cushman Wakefield Presentation: Evolution of a Startup from Column Five Media...

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A Matter of Time: What’s It Mean to Small Business Owners? [infographic]

Sep 08

To the small business owner who is juggling multiple roles on a daily basis, time is a precious commodity. What causes it to pass so quickly, and what can owners do to make sure they properly manage theirs? A Matter of...

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