Sexual Immorality

Apr 30

Scriptures I studied about sexual immorality and the why we should save our selves until marriage. Day: 1 Matthew 5:28 – look at a woman lustfully that is not your spouse is a sin. Day 2 Colossians 3:5 – do away with any earthly nature, sexual immorality, lust, greed etc. Day 3 James 1:14-15 – We are all tempted especially if we are trying to run...

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Be Silent when Arguing

Apr 27

Don’t feel bad if you are just figuring this out because I just figured it out myself, courtesy of my fiancée.  In any relationship; friend, brother, mother, spouse etc., there will come a time when conflict arises and an argument may begin. I encourage you when the other party is arguing with you, be silent because eventually they will quite down as well....

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This Best Book Ever Written

Mar 18

The best book ever written, is not on paper but instead it’s the life you live because when among others you are read you daily. – Pedro Moore Last summer I visited one of my aunts in North Carolina and told her about some of my business ideas, one of them including writing a book about entrepreneurship.  She told...

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